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Nothing can ever undermine the British Empire to our utter destruction, because it is marked out, and our name is marked out on His final coming, to play a great part.

Without us he cannot return in 1934. We play a great part in those ‘latter days’, ‘the time of the end’. The British Empire has always been a refuge for the oppressed people.

There are many conditions precedent to Christ’s return set out by Him and His prophets, and the main one is this, which is rather remarkable — that the Turkish Empire must disappear before 1922. There is one year to go; and what is the position today? The Turks — the oppressor of the Christians — have nearly disappeared. The British Fleet has been at Constantinople trying to keep order. The Turks were driven out of Palestine by whom? The Australian Imperial force — all the connecting links are coming to pass.

Mr Wauchope, of Adelaide, has written two books, which I ask honourable members to buy; one is entitled “The Troubled Nations”, and the other contains “Four Letters on Armageddon”; and when honourable members have read them I think they will agree with what I say. Another condition precedent to Christ’s return is what? Great unrest throughout the cities of Tarshish - the British Empire — with riots, massacres, and bloodshed. What is happening today in Ireland? What is happening in India? What has happened in Egypt?

What has happened during the war? We had serious riots in certain places during the war, and there was bloodshed and unrest throughout the world, so that condition is almost fulfilled.

There is a third condition. That certain earthly kings would disappear from their thrones before 1917. The Emperor of Germany has gone, Carl tried to get back to his throne a few days ago, but had no chance whatever.

According to the Bible, on Christ’s return kings have to go on bended knee and hand up their crowns; the world is to go on forever, with Christ as the only King in the flesh in Palestine, all other kings then existing having to pass away. The king of England is specifically mentioned as coming in his ship and on bended knees offering his own crown to Christ. The other kings do not voluntary offer their crowns, but are compelled to do so.

Six or seven precedent conditions are enumerated, and one is the return of the Jews, the chosen people, to Palestine. What is happening today? Thousands of Jews have flocked back to Palestine, and, under a British-Jewish Governor, are setting up a great kingdom for Christ’s return. The final scene in the setting is that in which Christ directs the British ships to proceed to all the ends of the world to collect his chosen people — the Jews, and bring them back to Palestine, where they become the greatest nation the world has seen.

A thousand years of Sabbath-like peace then starts, and under the new conditions, all people work; all are on the same level, and true democracy is restored to the world. I still see a few smiles on the faces of honourable members but I think I can remove them by asking what is the first act that takes place every day when this House meets? The speaker takes the chair, and reads the Lords prayer, while we stand with bowed heads. That prayer includes the words, “Thy kingdom come.” That kingdom is coming so far as I can see, and I am not the only one who holds that opinion. This book tells me that the kingdom for which we pray every day will be here in 1934, and so far as men have followed up this prophecy can ascertain, there is not one cog of any great event which has gone out of its place in nearly 2000 years.