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"My decision to leave Christadelphia did not come lightly. I was sucked into this cult when I was a teenager, when I didn't know any better. The focus was on academic heady Bible knowledge, not on having a personal relationship with Christ . . . I saw people I knew drift into a sinful lifestyle, and the ecclesia had no good news to offer them, no assurance of salvation, no promise of victory over sin . . . a definite coldness and rigid legalism in the ecclesias." <read more>
Lynette Schaefer
Mrs. Ellen Call
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"About twelve months ago I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Fortunately by the grace of God, I was mercifully delivered by the intervention of Jesus Christ in my life praise His Glorious Name! Christadelphianism appears to be a solid Bible-based religion . . .I began to be aware of grotesque and demonical spirit of error so unique to cultism . . "
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"The Christadelphians, to whom my family belong, are a group of sincere, Bible-believing people, who do their best in their personal lives to follow the example set by Jesus Christ . . . Not much wrong with that, you might think. But unfortunately, Christadelphianism is a demonstration of how you can be sincere but sincerely wrong, of the inadequacy of reading the Bible without the Holy Spirit to interpret . . .an attempt to earn peace with God through good works cannot succeed..."
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Peter Harris
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For 150 years now, the Christadelphian sect has sensationally predicted future events... and has consistently been wrong
"I was born a 4th generation Christadelphian,in Guelph,Ontario,Canada and was baptized into the faith on my 17th Birthday. My grandfather E.H.Chart and my father,W.M. Chart were very prominent Christadelphians.When I was 40 yrs old I had a very serious illness and without any knowledge that God would help me I cried out and asked Him if he was real would He help me?? Almost immediately a peace came over me and I started to seek Him................ He brought me out of Christadelphia into His Glorious Light. Oh what an awakening,very like Paul's conversion on the road to Damascas. I met Jesus for the very first time and knew He was God..........God indeed.......what a revelation. All the years putting Dr.Thomas below The Father and Jesus below John Thomas. At long last I was free from the bondage of Chritadelphianism, I could pray to Jesus, He is my Lord and Saviour not just my "elder brother" and I could sing "Oh What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and it was real.
The Trinity now made sense, Father,Son and Holy Spirit. It is grace through Jesus that makes us His, not our knowledge,not our baptism, not our legalistic minds but Jesus.He is the only way!!!! There is one thing I know for sure, Christadelphians do not know Jesus, they follow the wrong Jesus,and without the true Jesus all is lost.
We can be very sincere in our Christadelphian beliefs but they are sincerely wrong. Dr.Thomas can not teach you Truth only the Holy Spirit, He is our teacher. As long as you are walking with and flying the Christadelphian Banner you are not in the Lord's Army. The lamps are all lit and waiting for His imminent return."
Nancy Macpherson