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“What They Said Would Happen”

A Response to Aleck Crawford’s critique by John Hutchinson
I thank Aleck for his critique of my booklet, ‘What they said would Happen .’ We must be accountable for what we say or write. However, his critique raises questions of credibility.

I invite the interested reader to examine Aleck Crawford’s critique and then my response. If further clarification is required please feel free to contact me.

The issues are addressed in the following order:

  1. Preaching another gospel.
  2. Preconceived ideas.
  3. Dr Thomas – inspired.
  4. Myth
  5. Radicals
  6. C.P. Wauchope
  7. Ireland.
  8. The Early Christians
  9. John Thomas a False Prophet
  10. Gods once ‘animal men.’
  11. Angels and creation.
  12. Christianity a ‘Now’ religion
  13. The resurrection
  14. Judgment
  15. Russia to control European countries
  16. Is this the hope of Israel?
  17. Animal sacrifices
  18. Thomas a plagiarist
  19. Roger Stokes
  20. Saints (immortalized Christadelphians)
  21. Two Gogues
  22. Conclusion
  23. Mormonism
  24. Wrested Scriptures
  25. The Issue

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