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There was a definite coldness and rigid legalism in the ecclesias, and a certain phoniness at Bible Schools. I never really enjoyed myself at those events, and decided to stop going to them when I got older. All I had to fall back on was cultic tradition and my own feeble, human efforts. And that wonít give a person a prayer of a chance to make it eternally. Itís a hopeless situation.

I have heard about many who have simply (and secretly) given up, too afraid or embarrassed to admit it, forced to remain in the system by family and peer group pressures, sitting on the fence not knowing what to do. My church peer group was anything but spiritual. Our most important activities revolved around evangelizing ourselves, over and over through endless conversations and Sunday School classes, that we alone had "THE TRUTH," although we didnít do a whole lot of evangelizing to the outside world.

Everyone else outside of Christadelphianism is a liar, apostate, corrupt, and all the rest. If thatís true, then why do so many of these groups all claim the same thing? I always wondered that but never asked the question. The Christadelphian idea of the Gospel was preaching the Land of Canaan for the salvation of sinners, instead of preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified. They donít believe you can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and walk intimately with Him. That seems to be a foreign concept to them. But I have found it is a biblical one, because once you recognise the Atonement of Jesus as your substitute and accept Him as your personal saviour, the SIN ISSUE between Holy God and Sinful Man has been dealt with.

Therefore, you become WASHED IN HIS BLOOD, which paves the way for a personal relationship and to be reconciled to Him. (Rev. 7:14; Romans 3:23-25; Titus 3:4-7) To me, this is a most precious gift, and unfortunately, one that the Christadelphians do not comprehend, though I earnestly wish they did.