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Lynette Schaefer
From Christadelphianism to Christianity My decision to leave Christadelphianism did not come lightly. It took many years for everything to finally come to a head. I got sucked into this cult when I was a teenager when I didnít know any better, and was involved with them for 33 years of my life. During that course of time, I had made several close friends, and I knew many very nice people, especially from the first ecclesia. I still think about them every single day and I honestly wish I could have a relationship with them, but I canít. So now Iím starting over, and it will take a while before I can make close friends again.

While I was in the cult, the focus was more on academic, heady Bible knowledge, correct theology and study of prophecy, than on holy living or having a personal relationship with Christ. ďWrongĒ doctrine was reckoned as much a sin as an immoral lifestyle, and in some places was dealt with in the same way. "Status" of certain individuals came through intellectual superiority in absorbing and teaching complicated theological concepts, and often I found it boring to listen to them. I took part in looking up to them in order to fit in. But I could tell they were enjoying the spotlight, there was always this smug smile on their faces, and they seemed to be the most outspoken and opinionated about a lot of things. This was especially evident in Bible Schools, which were held during the summer months. Others, who were judged less intellectual, were generally left out in the cold. I was one of these people, and felt ostracised and could never measure up to the rest of them. It was this way in my second ecclesia more than the first.

A further major problem was too much focus on Christís return and the Kingdom of the future age as the main content of the Gospel. The Christadelphians as a whole donít believe or accept the Rapture as part of prophecy. And if you donít believe in the concept of the Rapture, then you donít accept the graphic descriptions in the Revelation regarding the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation.

They donít have a clue, they just look down on it with contempt and think itís funny. There was little real understanding of the relevance of Jesus to simple daily living. There was a feeling of dissatisfaction with the religion, leaving some of us feeling defeated in life, and without peace, purpose, or hope. And I saw people I knew and liked drift away, some into a sinful lifestyle. The ecclesia had no Good News to offer this situation, no assurance of salvation, no promise of victory over sin; and no power to make it real. We had no answers for the desperate heart needs of the downtrodden, to whom Jesus turned with compassion, love and power in every opportunity.