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What did Jesus achieve by dying on a cross? Crucifixion was terrible torturous agony a cruel punishment devised for criminals. It was inflicted on Jesus Christ. He was nailed, hands and feet, to a cross. What were his intentions? What did he expect to achieve by crucifixion?
"What did Jesus achieve by dying on a cross"
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A reply to Aleck Crawford's critique on the book "What They Said Would Happen" <Read Online>
"Setting the Record Straight"
A further reply to Aleck Crawford.
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"What They Said Would Happen"
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"Christadelphianism: Astray from the Bible"
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"How to Examine a Religion that Claims to be Christian"
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"Discover the Real Jesus"
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"Investigator Debate:The Trinity"
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Peter's Testimony
Ellen's Testimony
Walters Mark's Parliamentary Debate
Lynette's testimony
Trinity Debate