What did Jesus achieve by dying on a cross? Crucifixion was terrible torturous agony a cruel punishment devised for criminals. It was inflicted on Jesus Christ. He was nailed, hands and feet, to a cross. What were his intentions? What did he expect to achieve by crucifixion?
"What did Jesus achieve by dying on the cross"
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Aleck Crawford posted a critique of the book "What They Said Would Happen" on the internet in late 2004. This critique raises a number of questions as to credibility and you are invited to read his article and then examine our response carefully. Follow this link to read Aleck's Critique.

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"What They Said Would Happen"
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Astray from the Bible
What They Said Would Happen -
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Following an advertisement in The Advertiser the editor of INVESTIGATOR Magazine hosted a written Bible debate. Seven debators participated.
This article contains the exchange between John Hutchinson (Baptist) and Jim Luke (Christadelphian).

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God's Word V's Christadelphian Teaching
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In 1921 Mr Walter Marks MHR addressed the Federal Parliament of Australia with his (Christadelphian) beliefs, based on C.P. Wauchope s predictions - a leading Christadelphian lecturer. Marks stated that Armageddon would occur in 1934, and that Christ would return that same year, dressed in the tattered robe of a beggar.

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Armageddon in 1934
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