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C.P. Wauchope

Charles P. Wauchope of Adelaide, South Australia, was a leading Christadelphian lecturer who guaranteed and boasted of certain fulfilment of his predictions. Wauchope’s opening statement to his lectures on Armageddon should be recalled. “We want to build a house, as it were, and need to inspect all the material of which the house is comprised. Nothing should go into that building that will not bear the closest scrutiny. Let us be sure that when completed it will stand the test that all buildings should stand; and in laying the foundation tonight of that building, I make this request for you to take the utmost liberty of bringing your most critical minds to bear upon everything that may be said in the course of these addresses. I make this request, not in the spirit of boastfulness, but in the spirit of enquiry, because if the deductions I make are wrong, they are useless alike to you and to my self. Being the foundations of belief, unless they can stand the test — the severest test — of criticism, it is not the kind of belief that is well pleasing to the Author of religious truth.

— Armageddon in 1934

Again, I ask that you will be good enough, in your interests and mine, to put these foundations of religious belief to the strictest examination that you can, and, having done so should then find that I am in disagreement with the Bible, you will be good enough to let me know. If, on the other hand, it should be found that your religious belief has been in disagreement with the Bible, it is for you to say what course you will pursue, although it may be permitted me to advise that you take a wiser course’. (Four Lectures on Armageddon pages 5-6).

A summary of Wauchope’s predictions were presented to the Federal Parliament of Australia by Mr Walter Marks MHR, and recorded in Hansard (1921). Mark’s speech was applauded and published by the Christadelphians.

Walter Marks stated that Armageddon would occur in the year 1934 and said that three nations would attack the British Empire (Russia, Germany and France). He said that Christ would return the same year dressed in the tattered robe of a beggar and thief. That means he will come quietly and silently into the British headquarters. The King of England will come in his ship and on bended knees offer his crown to Christ. Christ will direct British ships to proceed to the ends of the earth to collect his chosen people — the Jews — and bring them back to Palestine.

The Kingdom for which we pray will be here in 1934.

Great numbers of Chinese and Japanese on Christ’s return are to go to Palestine with Christ and the Jews. Marks assured Parliament that there would be no war in the Pacific. Copies of his speech are available. Wauchope said, ‘The purpose of God needs that the bands of the British Empire shall be strengthened so as to be well nigh unbreakable, and that what we see today proves that this Empire corresponds to the appellation given by Ezekiel.’ (The Troubled Nations. p.52, written in 1915). Wauchope stated that the ‘young lions of Tarshish’ comprise of Canada, Africa, India and Australia. He commented thus: “The young lions will rally at the time of the end when Britain goes to the Armageddon of Nations for her ‘last of fights’. (p.61). He said, ‘Britain stands related to Israel as her friend. What Britain has long been, what she is today and what she will be more in the future, is the especial friend of God’s people.’