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. . . What do they do with failed predictions? They are a bit like nuclear waste — difficult to dispose of.

Cover up, omit and reprint. — This seems to be the ploy of Christadelphians (and other ‘prophecy’ groups) as the above example illustrates. They have reprinted numerous books and deleted the failed forecasts — sometimes with an apology that the author’s announcements proved “premature”. Herbert Armstrong’s (Founder of the Worldwide Church of God) sensational announcement that God’s kingdom would be on earth within 15 years from 1968 was simply deleted from later editions of his booklet, ‘The Wonderful World of Tomorrow - What will it be like?’ Yet in the original he said, ‘This advance news is as certain as the rising of tomorrow’s sun.’

Christadelphians have a lot of failed predictions to account for.

The forecasts of Thomas, however, were not all original. He plagiarized other men’s writings and claimed them as his own original work. Yet, he still blundered badly. He said that Queen Victoria was the latter day Queen of Sheba who would come and lay her crown at the feet of Christ upon his return to Jerusalem. ‘Victoria may therefore be said to be the Queen of Sheba and may possibly live (for she is young enough) to abdicate her throne and to lay her crown and treasures at the feet of the “greater than Solomon” who will dispose of her and her affairs according to his will.’ [Exposition of Daniel (1921 edition) pp.96-7].

Predictions of Ireland, India and Britain failed.

Thomas said that a restored Israel would become rich through commerce with India [Elpis Israel (1949) p. 441]. When has India made a restored Israel rich? I’ve noticed that some booklets that quote Thomas’s prediction of Israel omit the reference to India. He said that Christ’s reign on earth (the millennium) would commence in 1905 AD. and conclude in 2905.

Robert Roberts.

Robert Roberts, successor to Dr Thomas, picked up the prophetic microphone, and castigated those before him who predicted and failed. (Strangely, Dr Thomas was overlooked!)

He writes . . . “No devout mind, receiving the word of God in all sincerity, as the manifestation of His mind — will be content to accept the fooleries of the past as a disproof of what God has made known; but under the conviction that underneath the misunderstood enigmas of his word, there lie important facts which He would have us understand, will anxiously endeavour to penetrate the obscurity which has baffled others, and get at the mind of God in a matter so important in its bearings on our mental relation to the purposes of God.” [Christendom Astray p 245, (1940)].