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For 150 years now, the Christadelphian sect has sensationally predicted future events — supposedly based on the Bible — and has consistently been wrong.

In the early 1970’s for example, they declared that Britain would not enter the E.E.C. Christadelphian neighbours of ours said, ‘You wait and see. Britain will stay out of Europe; Bible prophecy says so.’ This prediction was based on books by John Thomas (1805-1871) Writing of a unification of Europe, he listed the “toe-kingdoms” as Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Naples, Sardinia, Greece, Hungary, Lombardy and Bavaria.

He commented, ‘I have not named Britain although the island was a part of the Roman Dominion. It is however, no more imperative that she should be included in the ten than Egypt, which is also on Roman territory. Existing theories require Britain to be counted in, but I have nothing to do with them. I propose to show a more consistent interpretation that shall harmonise with other important and interesting parts of the prophetic word’. (Elpis Israel. p. 326)

“It is impossible for Britain to be a toe”. (Exposition of Daniel p.99, 1921 edition).

In defiance of dogmatic Christadelphian prediction, Britain became a member nation of the E.E.C. Should Britain surrender the pound for the Euro, then we may well assume the total demise of Christadelphian prophecy.

People are curious about the future, particularly in times of crisis, which makes them vulnerable to exclusive religious groups who claim to know what’s ahead.

Testing predictions

It is all very well for Christadelphians and others to sensationally state what lies ahead. The accuracy of their predictions however, will be revealed by a ruthless referee — Time!

The Bible has its own “timely” warning: ‘If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken.” (Deut.18:22). God viewed false prophecy so seriously it was to be punished by death. (Deut.18:20).